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Thank you for attending IndigNation SG's 2023 Conference: Beyond Repeal! If you missed it, or would like to recap some of the things that were discussed, on this page you will find some notes taken by our volunteer scribes. The order of notes is as follows:


1. End of 377A

2. Romantic Love - its Queer Futures and Alternatives

3. Empowering Citizens - Building a Safe Circle of Care and Support for Everyone of Us

4. Excuse me, is this a political party?

5. Planning & Protecting Your Future with the Law

6. To queer or not to queer? The SG Boys in conversation with Mark Kinoshita

7. Keeping Gates Open - Building Ballroom Culture in Singapore

8. Supporting Queer Futures - A Workshop with Q Chamber

9. Essential Strategies for a Gay Retirement

10. The Future Has Aesthetics

The conference programme can be viewed here:

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