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We aim to facilitate an interactive and collaborative workshop, so as to: 

  • Drive structured dialogue between Q Chamber and the community

  • Understand community challenges, needs and key barriers for success

  • Brainstorm and envision potential solutions that Q Chamber can drive or facilitate

  • Identify appropriate ways to support the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore


Exercise 1: Identifying barriers:

In your breakout groups, think about key barriers and pain points we have faced as a group or community. We will go around the room to share the key discussion points from various groups and help to synthesize these into broader themes


Recorded discussion points from breakout groups:

  • Unclear inclusivity expectations 

  • Dependent passes for same sex marriages 

  • Unfair representation in state-owned media

  • No or inadequate government support for LGBTQ concerns (e.g. workplace discrimination, partner visas) 

  • Lack of visible LGBTQ leadership 

  • Bringing SG society together to better educate the non queer community 

  • Concerns about the rising transphobia in the media 

  • Introduction of anti-trans law in the US 

  • Better bridging of the LGBTQ groups in SG

  • Navigating the legal landscape 

  • Financial and monetary issues 

  • Fair employment 

  • Fair rights to resources 

  • Lack of support for Neuro-diversity

  • Career stigma; lack of confidence to be out at work 

  • Preventive or rehabilitation support for drug use among LGBTQ persons

  • Partner abuse 

  • Faith and queerness 

  • Intersectionality 

  • Decolonizing LGBTQ

  • Lack of awareness of the needs of other LGBTQ+ groups  


Exercise 2: Solutioning 

In your groups, discuss possible solutions and resources you would like to see address these barriers. Gather contributions from all members in your group and pick the top 5 you would most like to share. 


Recorded discussion points from breakout groups:

  • Developing common language to discuss LGBTQ+ concerns 

  • Common space to hold resources to raise awareness? 

  • Bridge the divide between the different factions within the Queer community 

  • Look at the future of Singapore in the next 10 years and where would we position the Queer community

  • Get more insights into what is happening now and in the future 

  • Make work spaces safer for the community

  • Empowering people thru art work 

  • Be more aware of the diversity out there 

  • plans for same-sex marriage in Singapore (next 5-10years) 

  • Sustainability in fundings 

  • Q Chamber as a fundraiser and grant maker? 

  • Mentorship program by queer leaders 

  • Solutions may not necessarily be 1-1…. It is also important to identify intersectionality of problems and look at how they overlap. Likewise, solutions may overlap. 

  • Ability to connect the different groups together? 

  • More workshopping events 

  • More inclusive spaces 

  • Psychological safety for LGBTQ persons 

  • Where is the middle ground between adopting western values with that of Asian to better serve the community? 

  • Inclusive employment fare 

  • Mentoring network (e.g. Q Mentors) 


4 Key Themes of Support from Q Chamber

  1. Connections (centralized resources) 

  2. Funding (e.g. supporting fundraising for Pink Dot) 

  3. Workplace (anti-discrimination, workplace fairness, mentoring program) 

  4. Education (raise awareness of our issues, increase capacity and capability of community groups)



On 19th March 2023, Q Chamber organized a workshop themed “Supporting Queer Futures”, as part of Indignation 2023: Beyond Repeal. The workshop aimed to identify and address key barriers and opportunities in society through the lens of Q Chamber’s existing mission to connect LGBTQ+ and allied businesses and individuals in Singapore to support and promote our shared economic interests, values and aspirations. 


The discussion saw 30+ participants from various community organisations and companies coming together in a forum-style discussion to understand existing challenges to queer communities in Singapore, and to envision potential solutions. 


The group collectively uncovered these relevant barriers concerning queer individuals and organizations in Singapore, including:


  • Social and workplace stigma still faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and employees today, along with a need for more visible out and proud representation by senior queer leaders

  • Lack of coordination among various community groups with potential for greater synergies (e.g., sharing of skills, knowledge base, contacts) 

  • Lack of sustainable funding and resources for LGBTQ+ organizations and initiatives, leading to ad hoc campaigns rather than sustained, long-term efforts

  • Lack of specific expertise and accessible training for individuals and organizations, such as navigating the legal landscape, administration, and employment

  • Need for additional local nuance and context on our approach to issues by applying an Asian / Singaporean lens rather than parroting “Western values”

  • Further need to address intersectional issues on topics such as PLHIV, drug usage, and reconciliation with faith


As a result, we formulated 4 key themes to guide potential support moving forward:


  • Connection: Promote better collaboration, networking, and synergies between various LGBTQ+ and allied businesses, organizations, and individuals, such as via a directory of queer-owned and allied businesses or regular forums to drive coordination

  • Funding: Support fundraising efforts or creating a dedicated fund to provide financial support for LGBTQ+ groups and related initiatives

  • Workplace: Support the equity and inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace through jobs network and referrals, professional training and engagement (e.g., via Q Mentors, a mentorship programme with experienced LGBTQ+ executives, employers, etc), advocating for workplace fairness and anti-discrimination

  •  Education: Drive greater awareness, engagement and education for employers of all sizes on LGBTQ+ and related issues, such as by providing targeted trainings to address social stigma and workplace discrimination


Moving forward, Q Chamber will review the key takeaways and consider how we can play our part to support the community, as part of our mission. It is our hope that our ongoing programmes and initiatives will contribute to creating a better future for LGBTQ+ people in Singapore. 

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